Main points of Speech by Narendra Modi at Rewari

Source: News Bharati English15 Sep 2013 13:55:06

$img_titleMain points of Speech by Narendra Modi at Rewari

  • We should start indigenous defense production. We must dream to sell arms to the world. What if the nation we are buying arms from does not have a positive foreign policy towards us? We have faced this in the past.
  • First ever rally after such a big decision with Former soldiers is a good omen
  • Shri Krishna came to Dwarka but he shares strong link with Kurulshetra. The Gita inspires people across the world: Narendra Modi
  • Narendra Modi says that as a child he hoped to serve the armed forces. Narrating his story he said that he wanted to join the Jaamnagar Sainik School, but his father said they could not afford it. "My dreams were shattered."    
  • Addressing the rally at Rewari, Harayana he says for over 10 years we have only be listening to disappointing news. He began with lauding Indian scientists for the successful launch of Agni V.
  • During times of war the leader must have skill, confidence of victory and a leader must lead from the front that is when wars are won.
  • The same toughness with which our soldiers deal with enemy nations they deal with tragedy with great compassion
  • I cannot forget the work done by the Army during the 2001 Earthquake
  • If cannot cry and are stone hearted let it be but do not insult our soldiers please
  • See what happened in Uttarakhand. They went to rescue the pilgrims and worked dat and night for it
  • When we were praising the work of our soldiers on the other hand Pakistan was killing our soldiers
  • And see the misfortune; the Defence Minister says people dressed in Pakistan Army Uniform came.Imagine how soldiers would feel
  • Delhi was not bothered. For them such events keep happening for them. A Minister says people go to die..what can be worse.
  • It has been so many years, to bring drinking water to our soldiers camels had to ferry water. We changed that…! We got water, built a pipeline and got water. This is not due to budget or technology but due to the respect we have for soldiers.
  • Our armed forces and security is not their priority. If I get the chance to celebrate Diwali I go to the borders.
  • We built a war memorial for those who died in 1965 and have put it on the tourist map.
  • We are facing many a crisis. Is all this happening due to weakness of our Army? The issue is not on the border but the issue is in Delhi; that is why we will need to find the answers from Delhi only.
  • UNO may be proud there is no world war but we cannot be happy. Nature of war has changed now.
  • More than war, we are being troubled by proxy war like terrorism and Maoism. There should be a voice against terrorism, Maoism.
  • Today I want to remember the work of Atal ji and Advani ji's NDA Government, earlier we would debate who Kashmir belongs to. It was Atal ji who got the world to discuss terrorism.
  • There cannot be selective behavior with terrorism. It is the death knell of humanity. Everyone needs to come together for world peace, for the poor. Democratically elected Government has taken over in Pak. It was expected they will do something positive but see what happened on borders. If we have to fight wars, they must be on poverty, lack of education, blind belief.
  • There is threat of internal security. "India has lost more jawans to bullets from terrorists than enemies from across the border. The nature of war has changed. Many more countries and people are affected by proxy war or terrorism as compared to those in the two world wars. There should be a global consensus on tackling terrorism, Maoism and that is not difficulty if India has capable leadership,"
  • I want to tell Pakistan, all these bombs etc have not done any good for you.
  • For 10 years work towards not making the land a home for terror. See what happens, it will help youth and the poor.
  • India has also become battle ground. Earlier battle was on battle field but not innocents are being killed. Cross border terror will neither help India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.
  • I want to tell rulers of Pakistan that your birth may be anti-India but your existence and development cannot happen on anti-India line. Fromt the land of Mahatma Gandhi let us give a message of peace to the world.
  • We can learn the true essence of secularism from our Armed Forces. I salute our security forces who have uploaded the Aan Baan Shaan of secularism.
  • Do not forgive those who have tried to divide milk also. Through Sachar Committee also there was counting about who is Hindu and who is Muslim. They have sinned.
  • Due to what is happening, youngsters not getting drawn to Army. This is a matter of big concern. Essential for education youth to join Army. More than battlefield, the wars will be fought using technology.
  • For years we are hearing about One Rank One Pension. There must be a White Paper on One Rank One Pension. If Atal ji's Government was made in 2004 this would not have happened. Atal ji would have found the way. There are many places where the skill, disciplines of former servicemen. Take fire brigades for instance. We have not made a mark in Olympics It was a serviceman who got a medal for us.
  • Such a skilled nation but still, even if we have to get small equipment we get from overseas. Whose interests are these?
  • We should start indigenous defence production. We must dream to sell arms to the world.

Modi wraps up speech with chants of Vande Matram. Also asked crowd to raise their hands in the air as they chant Vande Matram.